Health insurance marketplaces are not for seniors

Health Beauty Awards: 13 best makeup products

“Do we have to go sign up like they’re saying everyone else has to? Does the new law apply to us seniors at all, and if so, how?” Enrollment in health plans offered on the marketplaces, also called exchanges, begins Oct. 1 and runs for six months. Meanwhile, the two-month sign-up period for private health plans for millions of Medicare beneficiaries begins Oct. 15.
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Health law coverage can be tough sell in some states

A free market for medical care would have individuals owning high deductible insurance policies and paying for most of their care out-of-pocket. Free markets occur spontaneously. They cannot be legislated. Conservatives should realize this and advocate removing the two major impediments to a U.S. free market in medical care: the income tax and the Federal Reserve Bank. Without an income tax and tax incentives to job-based health care, workers will move to individual insurance policies. This means they will no longer lose their medical coverage when they change jobs.
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AP Health Care Exchange

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Health care positions of U.S. Senate candidates from Georgia

Obama signing

With little more than one month left before the insurance marketplaces are set to open, the federal government has yet to release the premium rates in Texas. Perry suggested that Booker sign up for text-message updates about the law. The federal government is also running a 24-hour toll-free hotline to field consumer questions in 150 languages and to eventually help people choose and apply for insurance. Booker said he knew little about the law, other than I heard Obamacare was coming, coming and coming, and that you could go to any hospital for free. How much consumers will ultimately pay depends on a variety of factors. Americans with annual household incomes up to four times the federal poverty level $45,960 for an individual or $94,200 for a family for four will receive subsidies to buy private insurance. Subsidies will average $5,548 per family next year for those eligible who now buy coverage on the individual market, according to a new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Farther down the street, a 51-year-old single mother invited Perry into her air-conditioned dining room.
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