Breast Really Is Best: Mothers’ Milk Fills A Child’s Digestive System With Essential ‘good’ Bacteria

Cleanse your digestive system the easy way by eating kitchari

Study leader Professor Christophe Lacroix, from the Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health in Zurich, said: ‘We are excited to find out that bacteria can actually travel from the mother’s gut to her breast milk. Number of children dying from heart defects has fallen by more than 80% in the last 30 years ‘A healthy community of bacteria in the gut of both mother and baby is really important for baby’s gut health and immune system development. ‘We’re not sure of the route the bacteria takes from gut to breast milk but, we have used culture, isolation, sequencing and fingerprinting methods to confirm that they are definitely the same strains.’ The findings are published in the latest issue of the journal Environmental Microbiology. DNA tests were carried out on the breast milk of seven healthy mothers and their exclusively breast-fed babies who were up to one month old. The scientists tested faecal samples to identify bacteria in the guts of both infants and their mothers.
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Ask the doctor: digestive system

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Vasant Lad’s mini-Panchakarma cleanse consists mostly of eating kitchari for a few days along with ghee (clarified butter), another healing food that Ayurvedic practitioners believe increases agni, the internal fire that powers digestion and metabolism. With many years of trial and error to its credit, Ayurveda has demonstrated that simple combination to effectively detoxify the body. Since Ayurveda suggests specific diets for individual doshas — mind-body constitutional types — eating Ayurvedically inevitably translates to limited food choices, making it unpopular for those wanting access to the full range of culinary options. Kitchari, however, is safe for everyone to eat because it is tridoshic, meaning it is fine for all three doshas. Health benefits aside, kitchari can be appreciated for its taste alone. The fragrant herbs that Indian cooking is so known for impart flavor while the ghee adds richness. As with soup, vegetables can be added to the mix as long as they’re dosha-compatible, making kitchari a versatile dish that’s open to improvisation.
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Good bacteria from the milk of breast-feeding mums can protect the digestive and immune system health of her baby, say scientists

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