Indo-nepal Joint Military Exercise Begins In Uttarakhand

The joint military exercise will also include anti-insurgency operations in hilly terrains and relief and rescue operations at the time of natural disasters. The military exercise will conclude on October 6, an Indian Army source said. “Over 900 Indian and Nepali troops are taking part in this exercise being conducted in mountainous terrains of the area shared by the geography of both the countries in this part of Indo-Nepal border,” an Indian army spokesman said. He said the exercise would prove to be another link of cooperation between the two neighbouring countries. “The joint military exercises between Indian and Nepal began at platoon level, which has now reached at company level. This shows that both the countries are heading towards higher level of cooperation in the direction of sharing military methodology,” the spokesman said.
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74 percent say they exercise weekly

Man brews beer in gut

People can get this amount of exercise in on their own, as the survey shows most people prefer, or they can exercise in a gym. According to Gregory Chertok, a sport and exercise psychology consultant, people have more success working out in a gym. Part of the reason why is working out near other people provides a sense of motivation that people do not get on their own. Another factor that determines whether people work out is whether they view it as an option.
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Betting on exercise at Sweat A.C. convention

Shaun T (left), a Deptford native, puts a packed ballroom through his "Insanity" workout.

Headlining the Sweat A.C. convention were celebrity trainers Jillian Michaels of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and Shaun T, a Deptford native who hit it big with his “Insanity” workout videos. The convention also included several lesser-known trainers, vendors, and new trademarked workouts like “Piloxing” and “Kerboomka.” “We can’t feel our bodies right now, but . . .” Danielle Goble, 23, didn’t have time to finish the sentence before running onstage for a hip-hop workout at Caesars.
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